Speaking & Training

“As leaders, instructors, mentors, and professionals we have a duty to make sure we communicate our passion for material along side the nuts and bolts of the information we are sharing.”

-Phil Boissiere, MFT

Phil Boissiere offers a range of topics for speaking engagements and in-depth trainings. He works to engage his audience in an entertaining and meaningful way, in hopes of creating lasting connections and memories.

His trainings have been well received at many institutions and he has been featured on major media outlets.

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Phil is available to speak on a range of topics including:

-Group Therapy and Dynamics

-Professional Development

-Program Development

-Youth Drug and Alcohol Prevention

-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

-Parent Coaching

Phil also works directly with institutions and businesses to create custom curriculum, trainings, and lectures.

If you would like to have Phil present at your organization, train your staff, collaborate on program development, or for all media requests, please send a message via the link below.