Psychotherapy, Coaching, and the Silicon Valley

The second tech boom is in full swing in the Silicon Valley. The seeming limitless opportunity for professionals and executives in the Bay Area is leading people to explore all options available to increase their performance and personal growth. Many people turn to coaching, business coaching, or executive coaching with positive results. Unfortunately, many people are missing the tremendous importance of addressing the cognitive factors (thoughts) that can be best addressed with a psychotherapist or psychologist. I’m not saying that all mental health professionals are equipped to work with professional and career issues. What I am saying is that it can be done and I have had great success working with professionals.

Quite often people from executives to support staff find themselves feeling miserable about their work environment or the career choices they have made. The majority of times these feelings can be greatly shifted via Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and therapeutic coaching.

For example, many people find themselves stuck in a position they are not happy with and cannot muster the strength to find a new job due to negative thoughts, “No one will hire me.” or “There are no good jobs out there.” Additionally, many will be in a working environment that they dread, because of a co-worker or boss.

The effect that both of these situations has is poor career advancement and lack of personal growth. Now, we can’t change the angry boss or bizarre co-worker, but we can change the way these people affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Also, thoughts and feelings can be the very factors keeping someone stuck in a job they hate.

I am a business professional and accomplished psychotherapist who specializes in working with business professionals and executives in the Silicon Valley in a very matter of fact and goal oriented way. I believe therapy can and should be an empowering process that moves people forward to reach their full potential.

Phil Boissiere