Professional Development

The success of your professional life and career depends your level of health, personal growth and happiness.

Often times the pressure of work and daily stress can create lifestyle choices that are not only unhealthy, but also inhibit our ability to succeed at a level we would like.

As a psychotherapist and business professional, I understand the nuances that the professional environment has and how these workplace stressors can affect your success. Often times professionals find themselves “hitting a ceiling” or become drug down by a difficult co-worker, board member, or executive. It is important to realize in these situations, that we cannot change others, but we can change the way they effect us and choices we make.

I work with and coach clients to put skills into place for managing the complex issues that arise in the workplace. I work diligently to help clients reach their professional and personal goals in a healthy way. Your career is important and you owe it to yourself to take every step possible to ensure your success.

I see professionals in both my San Francisco office and in Menlo Park in the heart of Silicon Valley. I appreciate the need for confidentiality in professional communities like Palo Alto and San Francisco and take all steps necessary to create a truly discreet and confidential experience.

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