Parent coaching is a process of helping parents develop skills to become a more effective at communicating their children, build stronger relationships, reduce conflict and arguments, increase positive interactions, and learn strategies for tackling a myriad of difficult situations. Often the things we do as parents is based on intuition and our experiences with our own parents. Unfortunately, these patterns of interacting are counter what is needed with our own children, especially if a child has ADHD or other psychological or behavioral struggles.

I partner with parents and caregivers to understand the specific circumstances and struggles at hand. From there, we develop clear set goals for our work together and begin implementing skills and techniques to empower parents and bring the family closer together. Sometimes our closest and most valued relationships, those with our children, can be the hardest without adequate parenting skills. The reality is that people need more permissions and training to have a rowboat, than to have a child. That being said, it makes perfect sense that we may stumble and struggle while parenting in the absence of training and support.

I bring together pragmatic techniques based on years of working with children, teens, and their families in both private practice and institutional settings. I also utilize proven techniques like Emotion-Coaching and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Attachment Theory to further empower the parents and family.

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