Lisa Ling Diagnosed with ADHD

The journalist Lisa Ling has been diagnosed with ADHD. Lisa was working on a story showcasing the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and found that she met many of the typical symptoms of ADHD. Upon proper assessment, it turned out she does have adult ADHD. Her willingness to be open about her recent diagnosis is important for many reasons. First, she is 40 years old, which showcases how an adult can go undiagnosed until well into their career. Second, she is successful, which shows that ADHD does not necessarily dominate an individuals life. Like any disorder, the severity can very. Third, Lisa Ling is a woman, which is important for increasing the awareness that ADHD effects women also.

Lisa Ling found that unless she was working and actively engaged in interesting pursuits, she would struggle. This is often the case for many adults. Escaping into work or other stimulating behaviors to manage untreated adult ADHD. Hopefully Lisa’s story will inspire and empower others to take charge of their adult ADHD.


Phil Boissiere