Group Therapy for Adult ADHD

Group Therapy for Adult ADHD has been shown to be very effective. It is fairly easy to find a support group for Adult ADHD in San Francisco, Menlo Park, and the Silicon Valley at large. However, it is nearly impossible to find goal oriented Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Skills Training groups for Adult ADHD.  Due to the demand and level of efficacy associated with CBT group therapy for Adult ADHD, I have decided to launch a new group.

Mary V. Solanto of Mount Sinai is a well know expert in the field of ADHD who has conducted research on the results associated with CBT and Skills Training groups for Adult ADHD. Her work yielded very promising results. She found that when people come regularly and put adequate effort into their group therapy, they can obtain improvement that is far superior to standard support groups (Reference: Solanto et al. American Journal of Psychiatry., 167 (2010) 958-968.).

The support of peers and the accountability of meeting weekly can really jump start someone’s treatment for Adult ADHD. I hope my new group that follows Mary V. Solanto’s work and treatment recommendations from experts such as Ned Hallowell, MD of Harvard Medical School and Russell Barkley, PhD. of CHADD, will provide adults in San Francisco, Menlo Park and the surrounding areas with positive results.

For more information, please visit the dedicated page for the group here.

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Phil Boissiere