Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling can be short-term, goal oriented, and effective.

I approach couples counseling in a goal oriented, empowering, and short-term way. It is completely normal for relationships to undergo challenges and stressors throughout the years. However, many couples can find themselves feeling lost in dysfunctional and overwhelming cycles that do not serve them or their families well. I work with couples to identify the patterns of interacting and relating to each other that are causing distress, while providing important skills to strengthen the relationship. Often times the factors that lead to dissatisfaction in the relationship have gone unchecked over a period of years and now feel permanent. In most cases couples can find solutions to their struggles in a fairly short period of time and begin building a stronger bond that will take them forward to many years of happiness. Relationships are very important and require attention and work just like any other aspects of our lives.

I am a firm believer that couples counseling or marriage counseling should lead to real and dramatic change in a short period. This can only be achieved by being explicitly clear about the reasons that brought the couple to therapy and each partners goals for treatment. I am very transparent and open with my clients about what they are experiencing and how to create change. I do this by combining elements from Terry Real of Relational Life Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and the Gottman Method, to provide couples with effective and target skills. I don’t believe that marriage therapy or couples counseling that drags on for years is effective. Sometimes couples choose to come back for continued support or “tune-up” appointments, but the goal is to get the couple back to their journey together with new tools and techniques for success.

You have many choices for couples therapy in the Bay Area and I encourage you to speak with several individuals and find the fit that is right for you. Therapy is a intimate type of work and the fit between therapist and client/couple, must be a good one. I provide couples counseling in San Francisco and my Menlo Park office (just a stones throw from Palo Alto). I welcome your calls and questions about my targeted approach to working with couples.

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