• silicon valley

    Psychotherapy, Coaching, and the Silicon Valley

    The second tech boom is in full swing in the Silicon Valley. The seeming limitless opportunity for professionals and executives in the Bay Area is leading people to explore all options available to increase their performance and personal growth. Many people turn to coaching, business coaching, or executive coaching with positive results. Unfortunately, many people […]

  • chicago skyline

    Chicago Presentations June 2013

    I will be doing two presentations this June in Chicago, please see the information below. Hope to see you there! Phil Boissiere, MFT will be presenting at both The Family Institute at Northwestern University and the American Family Therapy Academy-Annual Conference on June 7th in downtown Chicago. The Family Insitute at Northwestern University June 7th at 4pm: Group therapy is one of the […]

  • new years resolution

    Tips for Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions

    New Year’s resolutions are often made with the best intentions, but with little to no attention to the factors that will lead to the greatest success (i.e. change a behavior, start going to therapy, be more healthy, etc.). In fact, the statistics about people actually keeping their resolutions are not very good. However, there is […]

  • positive psychology

    Positive Psychology for Success

    All to often people shy away from seeking therapy due to misconceptions about what therapy is. This is in large part due to psychodynamic (Freudian etc.) approaches that do a fair amount of “digging” around in peoples childhood experiences. Unfortunately, this leads to people not receiving the support they need, which in turn increases or […]

  • stressed man

    Work Performance and Mental Health

    The workplace can be a stressful and demanding place for anyone. Unfortunately, when people are struggling with a psychological disorder, such as anxiety, depression, or ADHD/ADD, the workplace can be even more difficult. Below are some common ways in which psychological disorders can affect a person’s occupational performance. Trouble blocking out or filtering environmental stimuli – […]

  • mand with adult adhd

    Effective Treatments for Adult ADHD Fact Sheet

    The media, internet and popular cultural, are full of bad information about the treatment of adult ADHD. I have prepared an easy to read and share PDF to help you or someone you care about, find accurate information about treatments for adult ADHD.Please download this informative information sheet on the most effective treatments for adult […]