• brain

    Untreated Psychiatric Disorders Can Affect Couples Counseling

    We all come to couples counseling for a variety of reasons. As a couples therapist, I often hear similar complaints from clients, “he just doesn’t listen to me,” or, “we fight all the time.” Also on the list, “we’ve stopped having sex,” or “can you just change her?” While couples counseling can be the perfect […]

  • head-thoughts

    Negative Thoughts Lead to Negative Performance

    Negative thoughts can zap your performance. We have all experienced negative self-talk about our abilities, self-worth, future success, etc. This negative self-talk almost uniformly has a negative effect on performance. When we are engaged in goal focused activities we need adequate levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine in order to reach our goals or desired outcomes. […]

  • Couple hugging

    10 Signs You Need Couples Counseling

    Written by Erika Boissiere, MFT of The Relationship Institute of San Francisco. ————————————————————- Is it time for us to consider couples counseling? Everyone has his or her own way of determining when it is time to seek couples counseling. Wherever you are in your relationship, here are the Top 10 Signs that it might be […]

  • happy face

    Overcoming Adult ADHD with Positive Visualization

    One very important technique for overcoming adult ADHD is Positive Visualization. For adults with ADHD years of negative outcomes and self-defeating thoughts build up to become giant roadblocks that lead to procrastination. When people with ADHD are confronted with negative or overwhelming thoughts about a project or task, it causes all other stimulus in the […]

  • Cluttered Desk

    3 Easy Steps to Declutter Your Life

    Clutter tends to plague people in ways they are not even aware of. If you are interested in 3 easy steps to declutter your life then please read on. If you are under the belief that clutter is your friend, then definitely READ ON! If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of […]

  • Richard Branson

    Success and Focus for Entrepreneurs with ADHD

    What makes an adult with ADHD like Richard Branson so successful? Why do some adults with ADHD struggle to succeed in their career? There are many factors to this complex question. However, there is one overriding principal that allows entrepreneurs with ADHD to find success, and it is called focus. Focus is a big word […]