Phil BoissierePhil Boissiere, MFT is an adult ADHD specialist based in the Silicon Valley. He brings his zest for life, professionalism, and humor to all aspects of his work. He dedicates himself to helping people overcome life’s hurdles with purpose and passion. He believes that when motivated people are given the tools to succeed they will reach their goals and live a life that is rich with meaning. However, when those same people find themselves bogged down in a directionless therapeutic process, they can become “lost in therapy” and actually suffer because of it. His goal-focused approach and use of evidence based practices, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), skills training, and Attachment Focused Therapy form an empowering therapeutic process. He also brings education and understanding neurology and it’s role in mental health and happiness to his clients. Phil holds a certificate in functional nutrition, which allows him to provide valuable education and insights into the role of nutrition in optimal brain performance. His believes that having an in depth understanding of both our inner thought processes as well as our internal physical make up, is important to long lasting psychological and social change.

Phil’s lectures and trainings have been well received by many institutions, including: Northwestern University, University of San Francisco, and The American Family Therapy Academy.

He also works with organizations, educational institutions, and businesses to create custom curriculum, trainings, and lectures.

In 2015 Phil co-founded the Elite Focus Clinic in the Silicon Valley (Los Altos, CA) with two Stanford trained psychiatrists. Elite Focus Clinic specializes in the treatment of adult ADHD, especially amongst entrepreneurs, business professionals, and attorneys connected to the tech world.

When Phil is not engaged in his clinical or educational work, he is a dedicated father to his daughter and the husband of Erika Boissiere, MFT the founder of the Relationship Institute of San Francisco.


  • “Phil is a wonderful presenter, clear and articulate he weaves a tapestry of concepts and practical solutions to those who run groups with humor and practical wisdom…”

    Author's imageCarl Hampton, LCSW Supervisor and Clinical InstructorThe Family Institute at Northwestern University
  • “Phil does a great job of providing a dynamic presentation that engages his audience in the dialogue.  He provides practical and targeted information for managing adult ADHD.”

    Author's imageGina PeraAuthor: Is It You, Me, or Adult ADD?

  • Phil Boissiere, MFT and The Sensible Prevention project do a great job of explaining why some youth are at increased risk of addiction and more importantly what they can do about it.

    It is never to early for parents and caregivers to start looking at prevention strategies like this to keep their kids healthy and safe. People who care about their kids should watch or attend one of Phil’s workshops and share the information with the community.

    Author's imageAlex Stalcup, MDFounder/Director New Leaf Treatment Center
  • “It was fantastic, practical, entertaining–so helpful!”

    “Outstanding presentation, engaging, humorous.”

    “Loved Phil’s energy and passion.”

    “He answered many of my questions about group dynamics.”

    Author's imageGraduate Psychology StudentsUniversity of San Francisco

Contact Phil today to get started making changes in your personal/professional life or to explore having Phil work with your organization.


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